• Single Product Polish (SPP) system can remove sanding marks and finish to swirl-free shine without the need for multiple compounds and polishes
  • Mil-gauge tested to be safest polishing system developed (complete removal of sanding marks down to swirl-free finish removing the least amount of material compared to other compounds/polishes)
  • Controlled Abrasive Technology (CAT) formulated using highly-refined abrasives totally different than unstable Diminishing Abrasive Technology (DAT)
  • Nano-emulsion without fillers that simply hide and conceal swirl marks/holograms found in most compounds/polishes.
  • Waterborne technology allows for easy clean-up (no cement-hard compound residue and the ability to polish in direct sunlight) Water-based formula which allows it to be applied in direct sunlight and is safe for the environment unlike solvent-based compounds, Ceram-X is easily wiped clean from crevices, plastics, and door jams with a microfiber towel.

CERAM-X polish

SKU: CSI 62-203-1