Say goodbye to the old chamois for good with the Wipe Once Microfibre Quick Dry Towel. This quick, super absorbent towel will make drying your vehicle a breeze and because it reduces drying time, it will make washing your car, boat, bike or RV no longer feel like a chore.

By using high-quality materials that have a high absorbency rate, we are able to produce a towel that is not too large and unmanageable or too small that you have to wring the towel out multiple times. The Wipe Once Quick Dry Towel will not scratch and will last for hundreds of washes.

This Eco friendly microfiber towel is a 80/20 blend and will absorb over 2 litres of water and a generious size of 50cm x 100cm, will cut drying time in half.

Quick Dry Premium Microfibre Towel