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Billet Proof™ Metal Polish cuts through layers of dulling oxides, brake dust, and oily soils to expose bright, shiny metal surfaces. This premium polish makes aluminum, copper, brass, chrome,stainless steel and other metalwork gleam and look their best while providing added protection from harmful contaminates. It removes water spots and residues when applied by hand or high-speed buffer.

Billet Proof Metal Polish 473ml

SKU: WH1215
    1. Apply a thin coat working a small 30 to 60cm area at a time using a quality cotton or micro-fiber cloth or applicator pad.
    2. On top sections, use front to back hand motions. On side sections use up and down hand motions. This helps improve reflectivity. Heavy rubbing is not necessary.
    3. Rub in and wipe off immediately using a clean, quality cotton or micro fiber towel and reveal your Brilliant Billet Shine.

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