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Do you already have the Original Flamethrower (Bolt on) or the Flamthrower ll (Snap on) hardware? There is no need to purchase a complete new system, just purchase the upgraded light and you’ll be amazed at the Huge improvements we’ve made. 

There is so many New Features it’s almost hard to list them all, please check the list below. Prepare to be impressed!

Put the Perfect Light in the Perfect Place for your BEST Paint Correction EVER!  You can’t correct what you can’t see, never miss an imperfection again  

*  800 Lumen (wide angle) Full Spectrum H.O. QuickFire LED CRE element with 7800 Kelvin. (MUCH brighter light than the original)

*  Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with 10-12 hours of work time on High. 

*  12 month warranty.

* Upgraded features with NEW Flamethrower lll:

          *  Fits all Previous Hardware

          *  Brighter Full Spectrum LED CRE Light

          *  Headband with (1 handed) Snap Lock

          *  Lighter Weight

          *  Faster Charging (Upgraded Solid State)

          *  USB-C charging (Hidden under threads)

          *  Water Resistant and Anti-vibrational

          *  Removable Battery

          *  H.O. QuickFire (Wide Angle) CRE LED

          *  New HD switch set

          *  5 Step Kelvin Temperature Adjustment

          *  High-Medium-Off (Strobe Deleted)

          *  Anodized in Tactical Black Finish


Combine with our Vac Brite and Nano Brite adapters for limitless mounting to so many other tools   (Remove battery cover before first charge and use)

Flamethrower III Polishing Light & Headband only


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