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GLAZE & GLOSS Quickly Enhances and Brightens Piant Finishes!

Glaze & Gloss is formulated for ease of application and dust free product removal.  This product is the final product use at the show to bring out the optimum appearance of paint.  Glaze & Gloss works on all colors but truly shows its performance on red and black finishes.  Although this product is built for the show it also may be used as an every day performance product for protection.

Glaze & Gloss 473ml

SKU: WH1219
    1. Always make sure the paint surface is clean and free of allcontaminants prior to product application.
    2. Shake container well to disperse active ingredients.
    3. Apply with a clean, dry, towel or wax applicator.  Spreaduniformly over paint surface.
    4. Allow product to dry to haze.  Wipe off with clean, dry,micro fiber towel to produce superior results.

    Note:  Product may be applied in direct sunlight.  When doing so please make sure the surface of the paint is cool to the touch to avoid the possibility of staining or discoloration.

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