A Perfect Appearance Everytime! This new technology is a unique dressing that is applied by hand to create a perfect finish on trim and tires! Get your trim and tires looking brand new once again!

Limitless Trim features new technology built for the custom builder who demands a perfect appearance at every event. This new technology has proven to be the interior and exterior exterior dressing of the future.  This unique dressing is applied by hand to create a perfect finish on trim and tires.  No need to use troublesome sprayers. To apply Limitless Trim, simply wipe on and observe the instant finish that gets better before your eyes.

Limitless Trim 473ml

SKU: WH1220
    1. Product is designed to be ready to use but may be reduced 1:1 with water if desired.
    2. For best results, clean and dry the area to be dressed prior to product application.
    3. Hand apply depending upon application and desired results
    4. Allow to dry to a glossy finish and wipe off excess material.
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