This incredible product will blow your mind! Willy has been working with hot rods and custom cars for over 50 years. WILLY'S WAX is his personal favorite to blow the competition away!
WILLY'S WAX contains no cleaners or abrasives and is the most advanced product available for use on premium pain finishes. Willy's Wax is fast, effective and creates a brilliant extremely durable finish. If you want to know what is in it...ask Willy. You only need to know it kicks ass!!!

Willy's Wax 473ml

SKU: WH1218
    1. Surface should be cleaned using Willy's Super Gloss Car Wash prior to application.
    2. Apply a thin coat of Willy's Was using a quality micro fiber application pad.
    3. Allow 10 th 15 minutes to haze and wipe off using a clean micro fiber towel. Use Willy's Show Ready Quick Detailer with Micro fiber towel for additional speed and ease.