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Mr Hides Leather Conditioner is an engineered pH based formula which lightly cleans, conditions and preserves the strength, beauty and flexibility of old and new leather. Nourishes and moisturizes to lubricate individual fibres of leather, keeping them from becoming brittle and dry. A non-greasy formula, which once applied leaves the surface clean, conditioned and dry to the tough. Specially formulated to repel stains and water. Conditions, protects and restores all in one application. Don’t forget to touch up all your leather products, your favourite boots, saddle bags, handbags and the family lounge. Recomended with the Mr Hyde's Leather Cleaner before application.

Mr Hide's Leather Conditioner 473ml

SKU: WH1212
    1. Always assure that surface is clean and dust free.
    2. Always vacuum or remove any contamination from creases and stitching in leather to allow for optimal surface coverage. If needed clean with Mr Hide's Leather Cleaner before application.
    3. Start by lightly dampening a clean cloth or applicator so that it doesn’t absorb too much conditioner.
    4. Poor a small amount of Mr Hide's on cloth or applicator (do not saturate applicator). Gently wipe onto the leather.
    5. It is always best to apply multiple coats rather than one heavy application.
    6. Always treat the entire leather interior of your vehicle.
    7. Allow 2 to 4 minutes to absorb.
    8. After this time, use a clean dry towel to wipe leather surfaces and stitch lines to remove any excess conditioner.
    9. Apply as needed.

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