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CSI Marine Rip Cut.

  • The only product needed for polishing your Gel Coat finish
  • Fast-cutting compound specially designed for use on polyester gelcoat Removes heavy oxidation and surface scratches and leaves a haze-free surface Water-based formula allows it to be applied in direct sunlight. For best results use with CSI 62-309 Tiger Cut Wool Pad, CSI 62-307 Blue wool low lint or CSI 62-310 Double Sided Wool Pad


CSI Marine Wax.

  • Especially formulated for the marine industry
  • Water-based formula that is safe for the environment
  • Nano-emulsified technology that is very easy to apply and wipe clean
  • Provides carnauba wax protection in the convenience of a spray-on wax 

CSI Rip Cut and Wax Buffing Kit

$230.00 Regular Price
$207.00Sale Price

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