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This Ultimate Premium Korean Microfibre Applicator Mitt has super soft gentle fibres that is gentle on your paint and is ideal for applying Polish, Wax, Sealants. We would also recomended to use with Mr Hydes Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.

  • Super Soft Gentle Fibres.
  • Premium 70/30 Korean microfibre.
  • Large 13cm x 15cm, larger than others on the market.
  • High Quality Super Soft Suede Microfibre Edge mean no scratching.
  • Comfortable pocket makes polishing easier
  • Gentle enough to be used to remove makeup
  • Manufactured in South Korea

Microfibre Soft Edge Applicator Mitt

  • Our Microfibre Applicators aremachine washable.

    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine Wash Gentle or Hand Wash with Mild Liquid Detergent (Free of Bleach & Softeners), Tumble Dry on Low Heat or Hang to Air Dry.

    Note: Fabric Softeners will Clog the Fibres and Reduce Performance. Wash Only with Other microfibre to Maintain the high performance. If you wash with cotton or other materials the microfibre will pick up lint and clog the fibres.

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