Getting ready for show day and keeping it mint on the day! All your prep work has been done and you want some extra sine for the show.


Pack includes:

WILLY'S QUICK WAX - a fast, effective and creates a brilliant extremely durable finish while saving loads of time.

LIMITLESS TRIM - is new technology built in for the ultimate finish on all exterior and interior trim including mirror finish tires.

2 x MICROFIBRE - general use high quality cloths to do the trim and tiers.

SHOW READY QUICK DETAILER - gives you the ultimate "Car Show Shine" with its no wax 100% synthetic formula making it the slickest detailer available.

PLATNUM HYBRID - anti scratch soft edge polishing cloth for use with the Quick Detailer.

EDGLESS SUPER PLUSH FINISHING CLOTH - Our Super thick multi pile edgeless microfibre buffing towel, a must have in you back pocket on the day.


Show Ready Kit

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